Tuesday, 27 January 2009


Well i really cannot believe it. I have lost again not a daft half pound as used to but a full 2lbs!!. I am totally shocked. I had to hold back my tears on scales. As am no longer 20 stone or am i 19 stone or am i 18 stone i am now 17.13stone am finally in the 17's!!!.
It was totally unexpected to get into the 17's this quick since xmas. Over 3 weeks i have lost 7lbs. I never normally have such a big weight loss each week. I honestly think its the exercise and am drinking so much water (and the running to the loo every 5mins prob helps too).
Also keeping track and this block and the 16stone wanderer club helps too as dont want to let myself down.
I gave my leader the address for my blog and she was telling the class about it today. Hopefully a few of them will do it too cause i think it totally helps.
She said she is going to get me in the paper when i get to goal. I really wana do it and i feel i will get to goal. O and she said she wants her name mentioned so people will travel far and wide to go to her class (she is a diamond leader too). Her names LORNA PARKR and works in the County durham area. I go to Peterlee class if anyone knows where it is.
So now I only have 3lbs to lose 3stone and 13lbs till get to 50lbs and get my 1st certificate.
So hopefully another loss next week.
Take care everyone xxx


  1. Awh look at you.. Well done.. You are doing so well.. cant wait to be in the 17's myself.. Its been a few years lol

    Keep up the good work x

  2. thanks lanabanana24 its a great feeling and so weird to get used to. i was mentioning to o.h today am 18stone and he is like em no u not i was o my god i aint lol.
    my confidence is totally coming back its just so scarey hoping wont slip back to old ways. ur doing brilliant hun xx