Tuesday, 13 January 2009

weigh in result after xmas

well finally faced the scales this week was so scared and worried. lost 2.5lbs this week. at 1st i was disappointed but my leader made me see sense and said was brilliant i lost 35lb so far.
she asked me to tell the class how i did and then she said i wasnt happy with that. she said to the newbies thats wot happens when we start losing we want more lol.she told class how much i lost so far and i got some gasps which was great.
have also noticed from my chart my bmi is no longer in the 50 zone so thats gud. and my mini goal is to get to 50lbs by easter so another 15lbs i think is achievable.
was at hospital today for check up and news wasnt as gud as i hoped for. As am still getting headaches the doc is talking about replacing the shunt in my head(a tube which releases fluid from my brain). there is no way i am agreeing to have another operation unless its a matter of life or death. have had 11 operations in past few years.
asked him if i get to 9stone will he take out the shunt but he said thats not an option be too dangerous and even if i get to goal he not sure if will help my condition. he told me that if u lose 2lb in weight is the equivelant of using up 7,000 calories and that really i shud be looking at 5yrs to lose my weight as bad for me. laughed and him and told him no chance i be there next year. he said i am ambitious. I will totally show him!!!
my mates coming down tomor to do the workout dvd hope she doesnt laugh at how red i go!!

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