Sunday, 8 February 2009


Well i stayed the same this week. was totally gutted by this as didnt feel it was deserved. as u can see its now sunday and i can only bring myself to write in blog today.
My leader was sooo good she saw how upset i was and got the class to clap for how much weight i have lost. I seem to never get into the 40lb weight loss bracket. When i got home i cried my eyes out. Just sometimes it can be so hard for me and feels there is never going to be an end to it.
I feel so bloated this week too and have no reason to cause my time of month was last week. I went out fri night after work and had lots to drin followed by mcdonalds and then sat night i had half asda pizza.
So really am off the wagon u cud say. have not brought myself to exercise either. so no doubt i be crying tues when i end up back in the 18 stone range again.
o well am not guna give up i need to do this.

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