Wednesday, 7 January 2009

had great news

my newly married brother and wife are expecting a baby!!. they only got married 7 days ago!!. they knew she was pregnant before the wedding and told me. but nobody else knows as she had miscarriage last year and wants to wait for the first 12 weeks to tell. but went doc today and confirmed she defo pregnant and is approx 8 weeks gone. they thought she was only about 4 weeks.
the day after the wedding they asked me to be godmother am over the moon. never been godmother before and never thought i would be.
so this is something to concentrate on losing weight for.
wana get a nice dress. i am sooo happy


  1. Awh, that's nice :) Gives you something to look forward to aswell.

    Hope everything goes well x

  2. thanks lanabanana24 and gives me something to get slim for. how ru