Tuesday, 20 January 2009

wi results

well after almost killing myself to get to ww (slipping on the ice a few times)to stop i had to take my trainers off and walk in socks in freezing wet ice!!. i can laugh now but was crying thought wud break my neck. even tried ringing my hubby to come out of work and save me but u cudnt answer.
Well anyway i lost 2.5lbs!!. total lost of 37lbs. Am now 18stone 1lb sooo close to 17stone. I couldnt honestly be happier if won the lotto.Considering I was almost 21stone.
I feel so much fitter and active. To me i feel 10stone now and i know people will look at me and see a fat girl but inside i know i will not be anymore.
I couldnt ask for a better leader too. She made me tell the class today my loss and how much i lost althogether. everyone gasped which felt amazing god am guna cry (with happiness). leader said she so proud of me nobody used to say they proud of me over weight before used always be ashamed of me.
Hubby is great too so supportive. When i lie down i can even feel my ribs now for me thats amazing.
And i am signing up for race of life in june. always wanted to do this but always scared.but i walked home from work this week was 3miles and felt great.

my mini goal is to get into the 17 stone range by 2 weeks and to be at 50lbs loss by end of march.
o also have joined 16 stone wanderer on ww site board so thats great incentive too.
feel like i won an oscar haha

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