Tuesday, 12 May 2009


well went back to wi today. and lost 2lbs ok dont get me wrong am over the moon with losing that amount but as i was naughty and had a sp in boots it showed i lost 3lbs taken me into 16.13lbs so beware NEVER have sp's any other week wud of been delighted with 2lbs.
so am exactly 17stone now so hopefully half pound loss next week and i be into the 16's. so had my tues treat had mcdonalds was lush.
joined gym on fri the nhs scheme where get discounted membership i really enjoyed it. this week never done as much exercise. went gym twice and walked and jogged 3 times.
am away to ireland next week for bank hol so need have a gud week this week to make up for all my drinking lol.

Friday, 1 May 2009

my 50lbs cert

me with my 50lbs cert i actually dont think i look too fat

no news at the scales this week

well i sts this week. to be honest i wasnt naughty with my points but i knew i didnt lose anything just never felt it.
went for meal with work last night to italian ate 40 pts for the day oooops. am really fighting the urge not to eat any choc tonight really know i gained this week so dont even wana go to the meeting as dont want the 50lbs cert off already.
i am fighting so hard not to eat something nice right now. grrrr why is food so evil!!

Friday, 24 April 2009


Well seems like the good weather and the lack of layers of clothes i am wearing seems to be working on the compliment side of things!!!.
am just getting so many compliments the past week or so i find it mad.
well started last week when hubby didnt no was me coming towards him!!!.
in work everyone is talking bout me saying how amazing i look and how i have a lovely shape now(rather than been just round before).
and went doc yesterday and she said to me ru still losing weight cause i look so much smaller than last time. i was over the moon as didnt expect her notice as am new patient only saw her twice and last time was oct. so feel sooo gud and been walking home from work a couple times a week i think is almost 2 miles not sure.
so hopefully scales be ok next week!!

Tuesday, 21 April 2009


I cant believe it i have lost 3lbs today bringing me grand total loss of 50lbs!!!. i just cant believe it i had hold in my tears at wi after feeling so down bout gaining and didnt no why this makes it all worthwhile.
only thing is i now am bang on 50lbs loss which means no room for slipping up next week. had to tell class what has kept me going this time and not giving up. i said the monthly pass as no i paid and gota go. but also my leader, my husband and all the people on ww board and my blog.
my leader is fab really is i going get her a thank u card for supporting me. hubby promised me £50 when i lost 50lbs was guna buy clothes but now i decided as clothes dont fit for long have decided to buy a charm bracelet so can look at it and remember how i got it.
o my wedding ring fell off in work could believe it i used to have to take it off with soap and water amazing how weight loss can change that.
so my next goal is 1.5lbs to get into the 16stone range my hubby never been with me at that weight so be mad.
anyway thats it for now. take care xxxx