Tuesday, 6 January 2009

first weigh in after xmas

well went to ww for my first weigh in after 4 weeks. after xmas and new year and brothers wedding too. i gained 5lbs was so scared and shaking getting on scales i thought put on more defo over 7lbs. leader made me feel better as she is tiny (prob size 6) and put on 5lbs in two weeks so felt bit better.
i just wana get back on track and want to start losing weight in bigger amounts. dont feel its proper amount 32lbs since june 08.
so my goals this week is
1) do fast start and only have 22 points
2) go swimming sunday
3) use my dumbells as arms getting dead loose skin.
hopefully next week will have a decent gain and eventually will get into the 17;s


  1. morning lovly! well done for going back and facing it and gaining less than you thought bonus!! wots fast start? is it as simple as you just have 22 points for a week or sumthing?? good little set of goals to you should be proud! well done and good luck for today missy xxx

  2. aw thanks hun.yeah am pleased i went back just feel stuck in the 18stone bracket and 2 stone weight loss. well fast start u eat 22 points if over 14stone and 18pts if under. they give a list of foods and menus to eat from but if dont wana do that. u try eat 4 pts breakfast 5 for lunch 7 for tea and spend 2 on milk. i am starving today though but need do this. how ru getting on