Saturday, 28 March 2009

wi result

well much to my shock and total joy i lost 4lbs this week totally couldnt believe it. but then had a bit of a binge after had Weatherspoons breakfast, burger king for lunch and then went to italian for tea was our wedding anniversary. but i had gr8 day. so defo wont lose this week but did a little bit of exercise and will walk home from work next week a few days.
so now i am 17stone 5 lbs total loss of 47lbs!!!. hopefully wont av put on too much next tues.
so all my mini goals are quite close.
1)2lbs for 3.5stone lost
2)3lbs for the 50lbs cert i used to dream about
3)5.5lbs and i be into the 16stone mark me 16stone i cant believe it.
my hubby said he can totally tell now that am getting a shape am no longer just round lol. and he was able to lift me the other day ok he almost burst few blood vessels but 1st time ever able get my feet off ground lol.
and i have gone from size 28-30 clothes to size 20-22 cant wait to be size 18(although one top is but big fitting).
hopefully be in the 16;s by end of april.
well watch this space as i wont be this happy tues lol.
take care xxx

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