Thursday, 19 March 2009

bless me father for i have sinned......

its been 3 weeks since updated my blog ooops!!.
well there is reasons why:
week 1)
my family were over from ireland and never pointed or ate good. ate out every night so didnt go to wi that week was scared.
week 2)
plucked up courage to go to wi and only put on half pound which was over the moon with but ....
week 3)
was my birthday and went to leeds for weekend as usual ate everything in sight again. put on 1lb so considering how bad i had been the 2 weeks i only put on 1.5lbs which was pleased with.
week 4)
went wi was gud all week lost 1lb so only half pound to lose to get back where i was. have lost 43lb so far need 7 more for 50lb cert want to get it by easter.
a girl in work cudnt believe how much weight i lost she said was shocked and said my boobs totally going in which am pleased about as they are huge!!!

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