Thursday, 16 April 2009


was totally devasted at this weeks wi i had gained half a pound. ok i know its not a huge amount but at end of day i didnt do anything wrong to gain this. i had no easter eggs or alcohol. and we went to Whitby with the inlaws and they had chips i had chicken and mushroom pannini with no cheese or anything!!.
was so close to tears at the meeting but Lorna(leader)spoke to me at the class and said cud be cause was not eating filling foods and using more points on snack foods.
just feel i forever chasing my 50lbs loss and just never guna get there.
now finding it so hard to motivate myself had mcdonalds on tues and then steak and chips and peppercorn sauce yesterday. but walked home from work yesterday and today so hopefully might help.
just dont know how i will cope if put on again. this is just getting so hard for me


  1. Hi Steph. I know exactly how you feel. I had my first STS yesterday and have been feeling fed up about it. I ended up turning to food like I've always done in the past. I dived into a tin of quality street and then my son took them away. I wasn't going to work out how many points I went over but I did. I went over by 10. By checking it stopped me from eating more sweets from the tin. It could of been so much worse. Have dropped 2pts a day for the remainder of the week. Like you I want that 50lb certificate and I want to fill my WW card. I've never managed to stick with it long enough in the past to acheive either.
    It is going to be different this time!!
    Good luck with the week ahead. You can do this. You've done so well already x

  2. Hun its bound to come off next week,we all have weeks like this !

  3. Hang in there!! In the 19 weeks I've been doing WW I have had 1 STS and 1 half pound gain. It is very frustrating (especially if you've been good) but your hard work WILL show up eventually. It's like a little mini test to see if you will stick with it. Prove to yourself that a tiny little gain will not ruin you, you are stronger and better than that and you will keep going until you reach your goal! Good luck!

    I hope you don't mind me posting.

    Bex (WW Member, 5+ Boards - RKenne)

  4. aw thank you all for ur lovely comments. i defo dont wana quit as never ever lost as much weight and love getting slimmer just hope this week will be a better week. i dont no wot wud do without support from fellow weightwatchers as u all no wot its like